Judaism Class

The Transformative Process of Choosing Judaism

Converting to Orthodox Judaism is both beautiful and complicated. Our site is here to make it clearer and to help guide you. Our comprehensive Judaism Class will give you the knowledge to integrate Jewish law and practice into your life, supported by a community of fellow travelers.

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The Conversion Process

The conversion process is complicated as it is life altering. You will find necessary information to understand what is expected of you in order to fulfill your dream of becoming Jewish.

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Judaism Class Info

Our class will give you comprehensive learning on all things Jewish that you will need to know in order to not only convert, but to fully integrate into the Orthodox Jewish community.

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Resources & Community Support

We believe in providing you with as many resources as we can for you to succeed in this process. This includes information, reading lists and educational links. It also includes a community of fellow travelers who are all journeying together to become Orthodox Jews.