Who is this for

Judaism Class is geared towards individuals who would like to convert to Judaism and are searching for a structured and inviting class, where they can learn, ask questions and journey with a cohort of other candidates from around the country. Many rabbis do not have the bandwidth to individually teach candidates, nor do they have the time to build out a curriculum that covers the many details that are necessary to help them integrate an Orthodox Jewish practice into their life.

This class can provide an opportunity to explore what makes Judaism beautiful and what makes Judaism challenging. The class makes space for hard conversations about issues facing our people and our faith and seeks to convey the beauty and passion imbedded in the life of a Jew. Judaism Class seeks to enable candidates to live a life of fidelity to halacha/Jewish law, while integrating the wonderful gifts and blessings of the modern world. 

Judaism Class welcomes people of all backgrounds, races and ethnicities and celebrates the unique contributions and perspectives that will serve to enhance and beautify the Jewish people. Where applicable, Judaism Class welcomes, indeed, requires, Jewish partners to participate in the learning and to take on the same obligations and observances that the conversion candidate is striving for.

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