While being an Orthodox Jew is expensive (yeshiva tuition, kosher food, home values in Jewish neighborhoods), the conversion process should not be.

Our class is free.

Other fees that one should be aware of include:

Fee for the Mikveh ~$200

Fee for the Mohel ~$180 (for ceremonial, perhaps more for real circumcision)

Application Fees for a Beit Din ~$100 – $1800 Some Beit Dins don’t charge any fees. The Manhattan Beth Din for Conversion, the New York City branch of the RCA’s Beth Din of America has recently changed their fees to enable the hiring of more staff to help streamline the process and be more attentive to the concerns of candidates. They have made a flat fee of $1800 for the process, spread out over 18 months, excluding mikveh fees. However, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Other communities will have different fees or no fees at all for usage of the mikveh or an application process.

All of the above fees are not generated to grow income for the rabbis or organizations involved. It is simply to pay for a portion of the costs of these processes.

The final potential cost for a conversion candidate is regarding their education. Some individuals hire a private tutor and is negotiated privately. There is no cost for our class.