Being Proactive

One of the most important pieces of advice a convert can receive is to be proactive. In a process that takes away so much of one’s control and that lacks clarity and objectivity, many candidates step into the process with humility and deference to the rabbis and the process. While these are important characteristics that are praised in Judaism, the candidate must be the most enthusiastic person in their own process. The rabbis cannot (and will not) want the person to convert more than they want it for themselves. The rabbis are far too busy to be on top of the details of each person’s situation and timeline. The candidate must be proactive and feel empowered to self-advocate for gaining greater clarity and understanding of what is necessary for them to move forward in the process. Certainly, respect and humility are attributes that must always be upheld. Being proactive for one’s own conversion is wonderful and will accelerate the process. Do not be discouraged by a lack of response to an email. Give it some time and then email again. Text or call and keep trying to get in touch so that you can move one step closer to the dream of becoming part of the Jewish people.